Provacan Premium Gold CBD Oil Spray 3%


Unique Quality Assured Formulation
• Non-intoxicating Pure CBD + Terpenes
• Manufactured to ISO/GMP Standards
• Vigorously Tested for Zero THC*
• Vegan and Gluten-Free**
• All-Natural and Allergen-Free**
A formulation thoroughly researched and rigorously tested over a
period of many months until perfected for taste, quality, and
compliance. The unique formula has been expertly extracted with the
finest technology and extensively screened for controlled drugs to
ensure the products meet the Home Office & FSA guidelines
(<1mg THC/CBN/THCa/THCv combined per bottle).
This range of oils are 100% non-intoxicating and as close to pure CBD as
possible while retaining some of the benefits of cannabis terpenes.
Supported by the UK’s first Novel Food application, you don’t get much
more premium or compliant than this range of Premium Gold
Provacan Oils Sprays.