Cannabis this is your cousin Hemp

Small beginning’s can lead to powerful transformations

There are so many topics we could cover in relation to Hemp & Cannabis. Its freaking me out actually, the potential topics are endless .

I choose this as a starter.

Whats the difference between Hemp and Cannabis ?

Hemp is grown for Industrial purposes. Hemp, as you will find out in the video, was once the champion of America.

Cannabis Sativa L is Industrial Hemp’s plant name, its a plant that flowers. It has been used to build countries. Literally. Its uses vary from rope making out of the stalks and fibers to foodstuffs for humans and animals from the flowers. Hemp contains omega 3 and 6 its also a great source of plant-based protein, its use as food is as old as civilisation.

Hemp is now the focus of attention around the world for many good reasons. One good reason is a food supplement known as a CBD whic has now been deemed safe for consumption by the World Health Organisation and their Cannabidiol (CBD) Pre-Review Report Agenda item 5.2 European Committee on Drug Dependence Geneva 06/10/2017.

Hemp’s plant structure can contain up to 40% CBD and it has other Cannabinoids that are known to interact with and benefit the Human Endocannabinoid System.

These Cannabinoids are beneficial without posing any risk of getting high, because the one Cannabinoid that can effect us that way is THC and it is virtually nonexistent in Hemp.

Cannabis on the other hand will have far more THC than any other Cannabinoid. While growers can manipulate strengths of various cannabinoids in Cannabis. The main focus will always be combining high levels of THC for recreational and medical use.

Hemp’s cousin Cannabis the video ….. Enjoy !

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