CBD in Ireland today. Is it food?

Hemp and Humans, is it a food? a Medicine or a Health Supplement?

In today’s modern world Hemp is making a re-emergence as a critically important part of our diet. Why?

Science is why, Scientists have discovered that Hemp is full of things called Cannabinoids, which are molecules of the plant, but what’s most interesting is how these Molecules interact with the human body and why.

It has been discovered that Human beings have an Endocannabinoid System or ECS in short. What does this mean? We have Cannabinoid recpetors in our bodies, and we actually produce natural cannabinoids

Here is an exert from “The Scientist”written by

Jul 17, 2017

The presence of these receptors sparked a quest to find natural ligands that bind to them. The first endocannabinoid identified, a fatty acid-based agonist for both receptors, was named anandamide, based on the Sanskrit word ananda meaning “inner bliss.” A second agonist, 2-arachidonoylglycerol (2-AG), did not get so groovy a name, but did appear to be present at high levels in normal mammalian brains.

Why is this important information? We as Human beings create Cannabinoids in our bodies, We have an internal cannabinoid factory and when we are healthy the factory produces natural cannabinoids that help us stay healthy and balanced.

The Good news and the Bad news about CBD, Cannabinoids and the ECS

There is good news and bad news about CBD and Cannabinoids, The bad news is, We are not amazing producers of natural cannabinoids or and so sometimes we need help to get our ECS back in balance. Our Cannabinoid receptors are called CB1 and CB2 located respectively in the Brain and in our Chest area proliferating out throughout our Body and nerve endings

The good news is Cannabinoids from Hemp fit our receptors perfectly, think of a lock and key scenario and the key is coded. The Fact that we produce our own and can receive the benefit of Cannabinoids from the Natural occurring properties of Hemp should tell us all we need to know

When we are healthy our ECS is thought to help moderate Sleep, Pain , Inflammation, Stress and Anxiety and Appetite.

We need to ask questions and be responsible for or own Health Naturally

We at CBDLand understand why some people think, CBD is too good to be true! it does all these things …. Snake oil , I have heard it all and I am sure you have as well. Hemp-derived CBD may work as a food/health supplement by helping your ECS produce more of its own naturally occurring Cannabinoids. CBD is a miracle just by simply existing inside a plant that Human beings have used for 1000’s of years.

Humans and Hemp have lived many many generations together. Humans utilizing it for Food, Medicine, Shelter, Clothing, Rope and much more.

Summing Up

CBDLand believe Hemp is a food source with the amazing potential to improve the health of the Planet, through the cultivation of Hemp and its positive C02 impact coupled with the potential health benefits associated with Hemp seeds and its properties a food supplement through Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oils and CBD.


The Author & CBDLAnd are not medical advisors or Practitioners and we make no Medical Claims regarding Hemp,CBD, Cannabinoids or any of our products or services




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