Flush you Cannabis down the Toilet, the Earth will Love you !

What ?

I know , crazy thinking right ? Well that’s a matter of perspective and understanding that Cannabis is not simply something that gets people High, in fact not all species or strains of Cannabis get you High.

So lets talk about the Paper Industry and the possibilities of Cannabis Sativa L also known as Industrial Hemp.

You  may already know how much energy Paper Manufacturing uses.

I was not aware that it is the third biggest user of Industrial Energy in Europe and the USA

An illuminating quote from Pirita Huotari, Senior Consultant, Fisher International

 As the third biggest industrial energy consumer of the EU, the paper industry plays an essential role in reaching EU sustainability targets. Even though over 50% of the industry’s energy needs are met by renewable, it is still a significant user of purchased electricity and fossil fuels – energy constitutes 19% of paper and pulp producers’ production costs; that’s 13 billion Euros per year”

So the Paper Industry while needing to harvest large amounts of precious Wood for raw material.

The industry  also contributes massively to green house gasses through their use of fossil fuels for production requirements.

Couple this with the industries requirement to bleach paper white and the chemicals required for this process, makes this industry a challenge to be environmentally sound.

But there is great news, we have a better alternative.

Hemp as an alternative has a much broader range of uses and requires much less energy in processing and can be grown and manufactured without the use of chemicals or pesticides,

A crop that sequesters more oxygen per acre than 5 acres of mature forest, it grows from seed to harvest in 3 months.

Hemp also has another major benefit as it re-mediates soil where it grows.

An article written by MintPress News Desk.

“Hemp is proving to be one of the best phyto-remediative plants we have been able to find,” said Slavik Dushenkov, a research scientist with PHYTOTECH.

In 2009, scientists from Belarus also experimented with hemp in areas polluted by Chernobyl. The disaster contaminated nearly 20 miles around the site.

The Belarusian scientists noted that one added benefit of industrial hemp over other phytoremediation plants is that it can also be used to produce biofuel, potentially adding a second use for the crop after it removes toxins from the soil.

Hemp can do all of this and  it can make Earth Friendly Toilet Paper, which in turn can have a dramatically positive impact in our lives and the Earth we inhabit.

CbdLand are involved in the CBD business here in Ireland but we also want to see Hemp in all its possibilities available throughout  the World.

Hemp has so much value and not just for the humans  of this planet but inclusively its good for Animals., The Air we breath .The Soil we grow our food crops on.

Hemp produces a super food by way of its seeds and hemp Oil,

Hemp also produces earth friendly Paper, Ethanol Biofuel and of course its a super rich source of CBD , Terpenes & Flavanoids.


And it makes great Toilet Paper http://hempsosoft.com/


So for all the reasons above will you join me in flushing some Cannabis down the Toilet ?